Openshift : Display the expiry date of the OpenShift Console TLS certificate


Hello from openshift! I have a question for you. When will expires your Openshift Router TLS (console) certificate?

Here is a short solution to learn this info. Let’s start!

At first, login to your Openshift cluster. Then, create a variable for router tls certificate hostname :

console=$(oc get route -n openshift-console console \ > -o jsonpath=’{}’)

After defining router hostname variable, check it :

echo $console

And finally we are gonna learn what is the expiration of our beloved Router TLS certificate by running

curl https://$console -k -v 2>&1 | grep 'expire date'
* expire date: Jun 22 16:43:53 2022 GMT

Therefore, we have learned our OpenShift Router TLS certificate expiration date. By this you can write a to-do and prepare yourself to replacing this certificate.

Thats it!